bunsen_and_beaker.jpgWelcome to Science Class!
Check out the links below for some cool websites
dealing with the subjects we cover in the fifth grade.

beaker.jpgMatter Websites

Chemistry - An Introduction - Visit this site for information, quizzes and activities that provide an introduction to chemistry.

Zoom Kitchen Chemistry - Use your science skills to perform experiments in your own kitchen.

Look Into the World of Rust - Visit this site for a cool presentation on rust.

Rader's Chem4Kids - Another great site to learn some basic information about matter and to test your knowledge.

Science is Fun - Home Experiments - Visit this site for some cool experiments related to matter that you can do at home.

The Accidental Scientist - Home Cooking - Conduct experiments to help you better understand the science of cooking.

dna_strand.jpgHeredity and Genetics Websites

Discover with Darwin - Imagine you’re part of an exploration team. After many days at sea, your team has just docked at the Galápagos Islands -- and you’re faced with a mystery. Can you use your senses to observe your surroundings and collect the clues in order to find the mystery creature and understand how animals adapt to their environment?

Frogs - A Chorus of Color - Learn fascinating facts about frogs and how they adapt to their environment.

Zoobooks - Visit this site to learn more about your favorite animals.

Gene Scene - American Museum of Natural History - Visit this fun site to learn more about how genetics affect our lives. Lots of neat information and cool activities.

Tour of the Basics - Check out this website to learn more about DNA, genes, chromosomes, traits, and proteins.

Genetics Science Learning Center - Click on the tabs at the right of the screen to learn more about genetics information that interests you. Start with the basics in "The Basics and Beyond" or try some experiments in the "Do It Yourself Genetic Research" section.

The Wild Habitat - Research animals by their habitats at this website.

How Do Animals Spend the Winter? - Read on to find out more about animal hibernation, adaptations, and migration.

Animal Encyclopedia - Hogle Zoo - Make a visit to the Hogle Zoo website to learn about a variety of different animals. Click on the "Animal" tab at the left and choose an animal by either region or type.

Additional Sites about Science

Fifth Grade Sci-ber Text - Visit this online textbook from the Utah State Office of Education to learn more about our fifth grade science topics. You can find reading material, activities, and labs at this site.

The Science Explorer - Find lots of experiments on subjects such as bubbles, mirrors, crystals, and more.

OLogy - Find interesting information about your favorite "ology" subjects and more - archaeology, astronomy, biodiversity, earth, Einstein, genetics, marine biology, and paleontology.